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KuraKura Coffee

Welcome to our coffee farm and roastery at Kampung Semadang, Sarawak, Malaysia.

In 2009 we opened up a homestay at Liza’s parents jungle farm. While we build our home we also planted a few coffee trees. So by the time we started to having guests we already had a few coffee beans. For many years we roasted our beans in a wok and served our guests fresh coffee. This became popular so we decided to plant more trees and we also made a coffee roaster by modifying a rotisserie oven.

Now more than 10 years later we got a small coffee farm, we have built a proper roastery and we got a professional coffee roasting machine.

Our Beans

We mainly grow Liberica beans on our farm but also got a few Robusta trees. At the moment we supplement our Robusta stock with beans from Lampung, Sumatra and we buy Arabica beans from Mt Kinabalu, Sabah. Our focus is on Liberica beans and we also encourage other local farmers to maintain their coffee trees and grow more trees. This way we can support local small holder farmers that already have some coffee trees or are interested to plant coffee trees on their farm. Instead of a huge monoculture crop we have opted for a more sustainable approach with shade grown coffee trees in between Durian and other fruit trees. A traditional way of farming for the locals. All our beans are hand plucked, fermented and washed before drying.


Rm 26

This bean suits a darker roast due to its natural sweetness. Best as it is and perfect as an after dinner coffee. Liberica coffee contains less caffeine compare to Robusta(very high) and Arabica so it’s also a good match for caffeine sensitive people.

House Blend

Rm 25

A perfect blend of our earthy Robusta and the fruity/sweet Liberica. Together they make a delicious coffee for every situation.


Rm 24

A medium roasted coffee with a high caffeine content. A perfect morning companion that goes well with milk, as a ice-coffee or plain black.



Rm 36

These quality beans are from Mt Kinabalu, Sabah. A medium dark roast gives them a smooth and a balanced acidity. A coffee for all occasions. Grown at high altitude, handpicked and washed.

We roast per demand and deliver once a week. For coffee lovers outside Kuching we also send our coffee with Pos Laju all over Malaysia. In Kuching it is possible to purchase our coffee at :

Farm Direct Shop, BDC/Stutong

Mady Organic, Green Heights Mall

Kayo Custom Furniture, Carpenter Street

My Placa Coworking Space, Jln Rock Batu 2 1/2.

Local Specialty Store, Main Bazaar (next to waterfront lodge)


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