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KuraKura Homestay

Welcome to KuraKura Homestay. A paradise surrounded by the rainforest of Borneo, Malaysia.

Here we have built an eco friendly home with our own water supply and solar energy to power lights and a fridge. Situated 25min up river with a boat from Kpg Semadang (Liza’s home village) and with no road access we live peacefully surrounded by nature only. A beautiful place to stay and experience local life, culture,food and a inhospitable but amazing jungle.

Basic but clean accommodation (No A/C) together with a unique experience are what we can offer, either you choose to do any of our activities or just relax with a book while listening to the sounds of the rain forest.



We got 4 rooms all with shared bathroom\toilet for our guests. The guest rooms are a part of our house and all meals are eaten together as a big family unless you choose to bring your own food. We do have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen for our guests to use.

A friendly reminder: It is NOT a chalet, guesthouse or a resort as many Malaysians mistakenly calls a homestay. We do in fact live here and you are staying in our home.

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