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RM 130 pr/person per night(all meals & tea/coffee included)


Boat transfer RM 30 pr/person


Jungle trekking Rm 170 pr/pax(Full day).

Kayaking Rm 198 pr/pax(Full day with guides).

Longhouse/Waterfall tour Rm 180 pr/pax(full day).

(All fees, food and drinks are included).

 Meet up at Kpg Semadang at an arranged hour.

Maxim taxi and Grab is the cheapest options, we also got a few regular taxi drivers (including a 7 seater taxi) that gives us a fixed price. So let us know if you need help with transport.

Children 12 years and below, half price.

No need for any deposit, a combination of cash & card on site is preferred.

Maximum 8 persons.